Warehouse Management | Differential Edge


  • Seamless integration of online/offline inventory
  • Stock products palette wise for quicker shipments
  • Visual display of ordered SKU minimizes incorrect shipments
  • Live reports on warehouse utilization and inventory

An Organized Warehouse Remains the Key to Success

e-Commerce looks clean and simple on the front-end. However, doing business is not as easy as going online and ordering something. A streamlined backend with an organized Warehouse remains the key to service your customers without goof ups. One of the very frequent cases, thanks to an unorganized warehouse, is picking wrong product for an order and, at times, picking damaged returned products. Scenarios like this lead to two customers getting wrong product or a disgruntled customer getting damaged item. It not only leads to monetary loss but also results in loss of credibility for a long term business.

Edge solves the problem with its multi-location multi-warehouse management system. It keeps the stacks separate for each kind of products and minimizes human error in choosing the right product. Moreover, the Multi- Location Multi-Warehouse capability empowers you to optimize your warehousing while minimizing the shipping cost.