Post Production Services | Differential Edge


The e-commerce retouching team supports brands and large marketplaces to process volumes of imagery without them having to build an internal post production team. Services like retouching, masking, clipping, back-making and 360 editing are offered at competitive global prices with fast turnarounds and consistent quality and project management.


We have developed niche teams to support specific requirements for real estate photo-editing. Whether it’s a client showcasing a Luxury Hotel, or a Real Estate firm selling homes, our customized Retouching solutions ensure that the interiors as well as exteriors of properties are showcased elegantly and in their best form.


A wedding is perhaps one of the most special occasions in a couple’s journey of togetherness. We pride ourselves in being trusted by our clients for over 12 years to enhance the Images that will be a proud remembrance of this day.


Over the past 4 years, Differential Imaging an Image Editing Company has gained recognition for its Robust and Large Automobile Retouching team. Having Retouched 100s of thousands of Cars of globally renowned brands like Audi, Volkswagon, Nissan and Suzuki, we support Large Volume Editing as well as Technology processes to ensure our clients’ projects meet their goals.


The Differential’s Photo Restoration Team believes strongly in bringing images back to life. Everyday our clients share with us old, priceless pictures which have been damaged, discoloured and sometimes have even partly disappeared!


From basic services like Cut Outs and Masking to Recreating of Stones and 3D Rendering, our specialised Jewellery Retouchers service a range of brands. Tirelessly, working to ensure perfection on stones, consistent color across the Jewellery and retouching of unwanted marks and scratches captured by the DSLR, our team churns out Large Volumes of consistently well-edited images